Quality is an important segment of every company or trade.

Some of the many services that can be provided by our professional and experienced staff are: prompt and accurate managing of the entire accounting, business books, tax records and others, fully compliant with laws and regulations of the Republic of Croatia regarding companies and small business, resolving of all administrative issues of your company, reducing to the minimum your contacts with state authorities.

In our work we regularly follow all contemporary publications, law and regulations that are relevant to our clients.

Besides the Croatian, our professional and experienced staff actively speak three foreign languages: Italian, English and German.

Keeping of accounting books and evidence

  • Ledger – financial accounting
  • Small business accounting
  • Fixed assets and depreciation
  • VAT accounting and records
  • Calculation of consumption tax, excise duty,as well as all other taxes and fees
  • Payroll accounts
  • Quarterly statistic records
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash management
  • Interest calculation
  • Calculation of travel expenses
  • Calculation of sales
  • Inventory and material accounting
  • Calculation of production
  • Foreign currency accounting
  • Personnel records
  • Tax consulting and preparation of tax returns of taxpayers of profit tax and income tax
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